SYSTEM Spring / Summer 2023

'A Family Matter'


This season, it all started with imageries from the movie called, The Royal Tenenbaums.

We were attracted by how the each eccentric member of a dysfunctional family influenced each other. They all had a ”strong personality” which were causing numorus conflicts. However, they figured out a way to stay as a family at the end of the day.

For the spring summer 2023, we wanted to visualize the complicated emotions that arose within the characters of the film, and also pay our homage to all scenes of the family.

‘A Family Matter’ is the title of this season, and it will show how under the word family, we disintegrate and also assemble as one.

Wes Anderson, known for his eccentricity, unique visuals and narrative styles of his films, was infused into the color palette in the collection. Various patterns and prints using pastel and neutral tone were used to showcase the sophisticated sportswear.