SYSTEM Fall / Winter 2022


SYSTEM STUDIOS has made 6th digital presentation in Fall/Winter 2022. The brand SYSTEM started operations in 1990 with a womenswear collection that spawned a menswear line in 2008. As the global collection continues from 2019, the core mood and the global identity has been strengthened and deeply emphasized. SYSTEM STUDIOS expresses classy contemporary collection in a modern way, and a flexible silhouette helps the wearer to reinterpret freely in their own way.


Gradually, our expectations on a space travel are becoming a reality, and as we get closer to the future we dreamed of, people's emotions and lifestyles have also changed. SYSTEM would like to reinterprete this in design, and want to express the nostalgia for the future we dreamed of with the encounter of “FUTURISTIC” and “CLASSY”.

Overall, SYSTEM express the abyss of the universe by combining a grayish mood and color tone on the classic design. Based on the main colors - black and purple, SYSTEM’s unique classic design is maintained; but, the variation with a spangle and shining fabric makes you feel the new chic under the futurism.